Remi Jorquera “Redpill” balance between divergent styles joined together through a prism of aggression, musicality and absolute immersion. His flawless, unique and inventive sound is steering waves in the Drum and Bass scene.

After having released on the most prestigious neurofunk labels including Eatbrain, Invisible, Cause4Concern, Bad Taste, he is now landing under the Blackout imprint.
With remixes for the likes of Pythius, June Miller, Joanna Size, Zardonic and collaborations with Fourward, Billain, Maztek, Zombie Cats, Merikan to name a few, Redpill is now a household name for those interested in Drum and Bass music.

“While Redpill can push out music at a rate that leaves fans and press as whiplashed as his beats, what’s really astonishing is the quality in every track. From sound design to creativity and even down to some really beautiful melodies, his new EP on Blackout, Flesh & Blood, is yet another example of how this French juggernaut has not only hit his stride but continues to impress with no signs of slowing down.” – Bassrush

“With releases on Blackout, Eatbrain, Invisible (…). Anyone who follows the harder, heavier end of drum & bass in any detail will already know who the hell Redpill is.” – UKF.