Gergely Sasvári, aka Mindscape, is one of the major producers hailing from the thriving Hungarian drum & bass scene, homeland of producers like Chris.SU, SKC, Jade or Zero Method.

In 2003, he founded the Mindscape trio, that a couple of years later became his solo project. First picked up by Trace, Mindscape soon became a worldwide known artist. 2007 saw his debut album called ’Black Lotus’ on Citrus Recordings, featuring heavyweight dancefloor smashers like the title track ’Black Lotus’ with Jade, or ‘Planet X’ with Chris.su featuring the legendary Ryme Tyme. The album took him to the next level, his energic, yet deep and minimal DJ sets were causing disturbance all over Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

During his rich years in the scene he made quite an impact, he worked with, remixed, and got remixed by such illustrious artists as Cause 4 Concern, Gridlok, Break, Audio, Dose, Noisia and list goes on.

After having releases on established labels such as Commercial Suicide, Subtitles, Eatbrain, Bad Taste, P51 and Citrus, and being featured on Andy C’s world famous mix CD “Nightlife – Volume 5″ with the track called “Bounce”, now he finished his third, science fiction themed album called “Martian Chronicles” for Klute’s label Commercial Suicide.

In 2015 he’s still a striking force in the international drum & bass scene both as a producer and DJ.