LIGHTS OUT represents the newest collaborative effort by two titans of dark drum & bass, L 33 & MC COPPA. Building upon their wide history of collaboration on the Eatbrain label and beyond, MC COPPA & L 33 now launch LIGHTS OUT with a focus on furthering their already impressive sonic history as they champion the legacy combination of DJ & MC atop a barrage of blistering and tech-heavy Drum & Bass.

L 33 ’s history within the Drum & Bass scene has been one focused on similar such large scale concepts.Well known for his intricate sonic creations within the harder and darker styles of drum & bass, his tracks have appeared on labels such as Eatbrain, Program, and BLACKOUT as well as on the Drum & Bass Arena compilation series, marking him as a dynamic representative of tech focused Drum & Bass within the wider DnB genre. His DJ sets carry with them a similar pedigree, with routine performances as a part of the Eatbrain League across global stages and festivals such as Let It Roll.

Indeed, it was during the first Eatbrain Takeover at Let It Roll 2015 that L 33 first met his partner in LIGHTS OUT, MC COPPA. Standing as one of the most prominent MC figures within a broad slice of the Drum & Bass world, MC COPPA has long had a knack for crafting lyrical flows atop the riotous sonic patterns that the genre presents. He shares with L 33 a long history as a part of the Eatbrain League, and has collaborated with a vast array of artists across a wide range of labels such as Eatbrain, Playaz, Viper Recordings, and Technique Recordings, with his debut LP Poetry in Motion releasing on Audioporn Records in March of 2018.

Driven by a shared set of sonic experiences, the combination of MC COPPA & L 33 in LIGHTS OUT seeks to continue in the spirit of their numerous previous collabs. In addition, LIGHTS OUT provides the pair with a unified and focused platform upon which to combine their unique energies and strengths, from which they are set to become an even more potent force as a DJ/MC duo within the realm of tech focused neurofunk Drum & Bass.


UKF: https://tinyurl.com/y63m839m
YourEDM: https://tinyurl.com/y3gwztv8