Establishing his own unique style of drum and bass music, UK born producer Andrew Isaac Hu has long been making waves in the electronic realm. His debut release arrived in the early stages of Monstercat history and landed him a spot on the 001 – Launch Week album. Feint’s success snowballed with his continued releases with Monstercat, followed by his debut release with Liquicity Records, with whom he has since formed a close relationship. Feint continued his rise in the drum and bass scene with his heavy-hitting tracks “We Won’t Be Alone” and “Words” with singer and songwriter Laura Brehm, both of which peaked in the millions of plays on Spotify.

Feint’s specific sound in the dnb genre mainly involves melodic dancefloor dnb; however, he has regularly explored other areas of the drum and bass spectrum. His tracks have regularly been supported by the UKF channel; many of his own releases as well as his remix of San Holo’s “The Future” have been supported on the UKF channel. Feint also has worked closely with MrSuicideSheep, having had multiple releases as well as his remix of Dabin’s “Embers” supported by the channel.

More recently, Feint teamed up with fellow UK singer, songwriter, and producer MYLK to release an official track for the popular soccer video game, “Rocket League”. The game won awards for “Best Sports Game of E3” and “Best Multiplayer Game of E3” in 2015. The soundtrack for the game released in 2017 boasted artists such as Slushii, Dion Timmer, Koven, Trivecta, Vicetone, and Droeloe. Feint didn’t stop at Rocket League; he also produced music for other successful games such as Descenders and Aaero, both of which have been met with critical acclaim for their soundtracks.

Countless EPs, remixes, and high tier collaborations has contributed to Feint amassasing quite the following across Europe with his work with labels such as Liquicity, as well as a solid fanbase in the US and Canada following his work with Monstercat. He is a regular performer at Liquicity shows, having played many debut Liquicity shows in new territories. He also is known to work closely with other artists, such as his B2B sets with fellow UK producer and friend, Fox Stevenson at high profile shows such as Liquicity Festival and Rampage. He has also performed at popular drum and bass festivals such as Hospitality and Laundry Day festival as well as having played various shows from China, Japan to New York. Feint’s beautiful melodies, hard to beat, distinct drum and bass sound have solidified him as standout producer in the ever growing drum and bass scene. He has come a long away and he still has so much in store for his fans and the wider electronic world.