It was only a matter of time…

As Austria entrenches itself deeper and deeper into the drum & bass history books, positioning itself as one of the key countries in the genre with more and more premiership producers, labels and events it was inevitable that one of country’s MCs would crossover into the global D&B psyche, too.

That man is MC Daxta: one of Austria’s very first legit D&B MCs.

First emerging in the early 2000s with the Criminal Beatz Crew in his home town Klagenfurt, the MC born Andreas Dreier has since developed a reputation as Austria’s most versatile, in-demand and successful hosts. Just at home presenting a star-lit set of raw emotion from Camo & Krooked as he is hyping the maddening crowds for Mefjus, just as confident controlling intense underground club floors such as Flex as he is commanding crowds of thousands on the Nu Forms mainstage, MC Daxta is now on speed dial for some of the world’s best drum & bass acts, brands and crews from every country and every corner of the scene.

From Ram to Hospital, Let It Roll to Reading, Nu Forms, SW4, Pukkelpop, Ultra. Mainframe nights, Viper nights, Noisia Invites, UKF and everything in between: Daxta understands the subtle craft of hosting and how to guide crowds through the best nights of their lives.

This precision skill can be boiled down to one crucial fact: Daxta worships drum & bass and all its many forms. Smitten at first sight, his love affair with 170BPM beats began when he heard a Marky and Stamina mix on Drum&BassArena. His skin hasn’t stopped goosebumping ever since. Digging deeper and deeper into the artform and truly reading the music, he took cues from some of the genre’s most respected, creative and formative MCs – SP, GQ, IC3 – and studied the artform to levels beyond a job, beyond a lifestyle: MCing for Daxta is a lifelong commitment to the craft. This ensures total consistency and subtle showmanship. When Daxta is hosting you won’t miss a moment of the music and only experience the extra lyrical acceleration that only the best MCs can give: knowing exactly when to bring the crowd up to levels they didn’t even know existed and knowing when to let the DJ and their selection take centre stage. This is why he’s featured on major productions by the likes of Body & Soul, Dossa & Locuzzed and Mefjus. This is why he has been nominated in the Drum&BassArena Awards for two years running as one of the ten most popular MCs in the world.

Like all acts with longevity, none of this has happened overnight. Daxta’s dominance has been developed through the bloody, sweaty, teary classical MC way: fighting through the empty dancefloor and graveyard shift trenches to prove he can host a party with the same energy, clarity and authenticity as his UK mic-munching counterparts. 10 years of dedicated service to all of Austria’s key clubs and parties – from Mainframe to Switch, Fluc to Flex to Futurebeatz and beyond with regular shits in neighbouring Germany, Holland and Czech Republic – his stripe-earnt prominence on the national circuit has ensured his reputation with the scene’s touring international DJs… More and more of them travelling without an MC because they know a consummate killer host is already in place.

The first international DJs to elevate Daxta’s reputation to a more global level, however, were Camo & Krooked. Invited Daxta to host their headline set at London’s leading summer electronic music festival SW4 in August 2016, they have since locked him in for all their future shows.

Smashing through the continental glass ceiling and proving that the drum & bass scene really does nurture, celebrate and support talent when it’s due: Daxta is in a league of his own right now. While the sound and studio skill of drum & bass has become a global force, the art, craft and command of MC culture still remains tight to the UK, home of the craft’s mother tongue. Transcending both language barriers and a tight and hugely talented scene, no other mainland European MC has achieved what Daxta has.

Entrenching himself deeper and deeper into the drum & bass history books, positioning himself as an in-demand MC on a worldwide level with more international bookings and production sessions, it was inevitable that MC Daxta would eventually crossover into the global D&B psyche, too. This is just the beginning…