Optiv & BTK

[Virus Recordings / Shogun Audio / Dutty Audio / Red Light]

When it comes to lethal, outstandingly produced, tear the club out and leave it in shreds style D&B, Optiv and BTK have been one of the first names on tastemakers, ravers, DJS and promoters lips for a few years now.

From Optiv’s early days as part of the highly influential Cause4Concern camp, production values and musical integrity were always at the forefront of his work. BTK notes the identical values when producing and signing artists for his own notorious ‘Dutty Audio’ label. It is this joint bond of strong ethics together with a similar hunger, appetite and passion for well produced and hard hitting drum and bass music that has seen the relationship between these two artists mould perfectly.

Since their initial link up in 2011 in BTK’s current home of Switzerland the duo have taken the scene by storm with a huge catalogue of well received tracks, releases & remixes on labels such as Subtitles, Blackout, Renegade Hardware, Ram, Commercial Suicide, Frequency, Dispatch, Playaz, Shogun Audio and of course Virus where they released the breathtaking album Blackjack which was subsequently nominated ‘Album of the year’ at the 2014 Drum & Bass Arena awards.

The future is looking incredibly bright for the duo, having conquered pretty much every major Festival and performed in every Continent of the globe over the last 3 years and with a forthcoming E.P confirmed for Black Sun Empire’s Black Out label, Official remixes locked in for Bad Company plus the follow up to the BlackJack album & various singles coming on Virus , we just like most D&B fans around the world eagerly await their next output with baited breath.

The duos explosive back to back DJ sets are phenomenal and really echo the passion and pride they have for their productions in the studio, everything is well constructed, well oiled and expertly planned to execute a dance with precision timing.

With their fan base constantly growing and a constant release schedule of insanely well made tracks surfacing all the way into late 2016 there has never been a better time to book Optiv & BTK for your party.

We at GRAM are incredibly proud to have Optiv & BTK on our roster, please get in touch for availability